Starting a car valet business

There is satisfaction to be had preparing a vehicle ready for a car show or just knowing it looks its best. If you have tried out all the best wash, wax and polish products on the market, you may consider it as a sideline or a business.
There is lots of general advice available online about setting up a company, for example how to write a business plan. But it is important to find industry specific advice too. Today's post is from Motor Trade Insurances. Whilst insuring businesses in this trade, they have picked up some top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Get suitable equipment.

Investing time in seeking out the correct equipment will save time in the long run.
There are a wide range of pressure washers, from different brands. Valets can choose from a range of pressure levels. London Power Tools offer detailed product specifications and descriptions on their website. This can help valeting companies find equipment that matches their requirements.
It is important to try a range of products prior to trading. Our favourites are Armorall and Wynns. We particularly like the Armorall Heavy-duty car wash which lifts even the stubbornness dirt.
An industrial vacuum cleaner is a must buy essential for all enterprise scale valet businesses. Where a smaller one may have sufficed for friends a family an optimum device with useful attachments will be more practical. If you are choosing to work from home, or a customers driveway, a heavy duty cleaner that can be used in wet and dry conditions will be essential. Click here to check out a demo video of the Husqvarna DC 1400.

Do lots of research

A quick search and we found this book from professional detailer Renny Doyle. It documents his advice after a successful career in car detailing and may be useful for an aspiring entrepreneur in this sector. It has been described as a "must have for any professional detailer".
Rated with over 4 stars on lots of sites it is available for only £15.49 on The Book Depository. The book description states that it gives important advice about planning start up costs, as well as marketing a business. It even includes work sheets designed to help with planning.

Get the correct insurance coverage

By taking customers vehicles into their care, professional car cleaning services open themselves up to some level of risk. Fortunately there are insurance policies designed specifically for valeting companies.
This type of insurance falls under the term motortrade insurance. Companies working with cars will typically have a policy built to match their requirements. For example if a valet works with more supercars than hot hatches they will need additional coverage.
The good news is this type of insurance is surprisingly affordable and can even be offered on a part time basis for those working from home. To learn out more about this type of coverage click here.


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